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RBT has had a good year as the Indian biogas market starts to gain traction. The dreadful toll that the pandemic has taken in the country has been one of the reasons for a slow start to the government's ambitious targets for deployment of biogas plants- 5000 by 2023. But things are moving now and Rika has sold five 110e Bioextruders to plants that will process straw and other agricultural residues. Watch this space for more details as the projects develop.


RBT announces the arrival of its first Bioextruder at Bay Farm in Suffolk. The client, Strutt and Parker Farms, who own and operate the Bay Farm facility will use the Bioextruder to process digestate thick fraction and straw allowing them to meet the RHI rules stipulating that 50% of a biogas plants feedstock must be a waste or residue. The Bioextruder shown here is seen mounted on a skid loader so it can be relocated to other site if required.


RBT has received its first order for a Bioextruder. The order has been placed by Strutt and Parker Biogas Ltd and the Bioextruder 110S3 will be used to process straw on their Bay Farm AD plant.


Rika has recently completed an agreement with Singleton Birch to develop applications for Rika's bioextrusion technology. Singleton Birch are an established quarrying business in North Lincolnshire who are owners and operators, through a subsidiary company called Birch Energy, of three farm based anaerobic digestion plants.

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