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The Bioextruder Technology

Our core technology is the Bioextruder by Lehmann GmbH. Through the use of counter rotating screws bioextrusion is the thermo-mechanical disintegration of cell structures. The process is akin to steam explosion; but purely through mechanical means with no requirement for additional heat.












The benefits of bioextrusion are:

  1. low energy consumption

  2. low maintenance cost

  3. small footprint

  4. no planning required

  5. typical payback on investment is 2-4 years

The Bioexruder can be sized to meet the specific material characteristics and daily processing volumes required.

Alongside the Bioextruder Rika can also provide ancillary equipment to process and feed substrates prior to bioextrusion such as stone and metal removal technologies, macerators, feed hoppers, conveyors and all control systems. Turnkey packages can be designed and incorporated  directly into your existing feeding system if required.


Bioextruder layout
Example Layout:
1. Bale Opener
2. De-stoning module
3. Feed Hopper
4. Metal removal
5. Bioextruder
Straw cell structure after bioextrusion
Cell Structure Not Treated
Cell Structure Not Treated
Cell Structure After Bioextrusion

Plug flow hydrolysis unit- this unit is capable of combining the removal of extraneous materials such as stones, mixing feedstock's and hydrolysis in one single stage prior to bioextrusion which in turn reduces your digester residence time and improves the overall digestion process. The slightly wetter material from the hydrolysis stage also improves extruder efficiency and the S Series of extruders can separately collect liquid expelled by the extrusion process that can then be pumped directly to the fermenter ensuring that no biogas potential is lost


Bioextruder B60S3 Series with liquid collection and discharge

Technical Specifications
extruder specifications and throughput rates
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